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The Bungalow is a restaurant specializing in Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine served up on a platter of rustic Bangalore décor in a high-ceilinged old school ambience. The restaurant was started by Kapil Dua, a good-spirited entrepreneur who has years of experience in the hospitality industry. The Bungalow is located in Whitefield, Bengaluru which is an area with several corporate offices but with a limited number of places to find great food after work.

The client reached out to us before he officially opened his restaurant for business. Kapil was very clear with his concept of a rustic old bungalow-styled restaurant with very rich décor. He aimed at offering an affordable dining experience in a tastefully designed aristocratic atmosphere based on the interiors of colonial mansions. The restaurant itself was filled with an air of elegance and Kapil was keen on a brand identity that would complement this setting.
The Bungalow was scheduled to open its doors officially in about a month. This meant that we had to work on tight deadlines in order to deliver a successful brand identity without compromising on quality. The logo being just the begining, the restaurant required its entire visual appearance designed consistent with the same. In this package, we included stationery, menu, table mats, signage, in-store posters, paper bags and delivery packaging. Our designs intended on fusing colonial aesthetics with a modern sense of design to deliver on a unique individuality that the restaurant would be proud to flaunt.


We began by first looking into what can represent this restaurant the best. After considering the vision of the client and the intended look and feel of the restaurant, we looked at using a deer trophy as our central image.
Animal trophies were an essential part of every colonial bungalow in British India and are often associated with a life of wealth and opulence.
Our deer was adorned with a bow tie because not only is the deer a posh host, but is also ready to take your order. The eyes, however, are a sign of too much partying.
We also used retro typography which is clear to read and does not take itself too seriously. The dots in the letters were added to complement the 60’s theme. It was important for the logo to reflect the restaurant’s vision without being overtly presumptuous or pompous.
While ideating, we realized that the deer can be an interesting figure in the restaurant, not as a mascot but more like a recurring motif. Thus, the deer was appropriated into various pieces of wall art in the restaurant.
As the restaurant was located on Plot 95 in Whitefield, Bangalore, we illustrated a colonial-style door with the number 95 engraved on it. This illustration was used across stationery like business cards and table mats.
Wooden boards we made for Bungalow.

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