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Arogyasiri is an alternative therapy centre located in Mysore, India. The wellness centre specializes in consultation and treatment using Ayurveda and Yoga. It was founded by Srinivas Giri, who resigned from a high paying corporate job to find his calling in the wellness industry. Srinivas Giri has a long accumulated treasure trove of knowledge in ancient Ayurvedic medical practices. To make fruitful use of this knowledge, he decided to set up the Arogyasiri in the Yoga capital of Southern India.

The client approached us during the budding stages of Arogyasiri. Though the centre was already set up, customer acquisition and retention was still in process. Srinivas also had plans to adapt the wellness centre into a franchise model and was meeting prospective investors to accomplish his vision.

Upon analysing their existing brand identity, we saw that it lacked consistency. A consistent brand language not only creates a personality which attracts customers, but also kindles interest among prospective franchisees. So, instead of just creating a new logo, which was their primary requirement, we worked on an overall brand image development strategy which included the design of stationery, infographics, social media creatives, in-store setup and other marketing collateral.

Our goal was to create a refined brand identity that would evoke the feeling of growth and progress. We had to craft an umbrella image that would showcase Arogyasiri and its unique Ayurvedic therapies as a sophisticated yet affordable alternative healthcare centre to both customers and prospective investors. Apart from building an identity that would befit a nation-wide franchise, we also focused on developing the existing centre in Mysore so as to build a sizeable customer base.
We began by ideating on what would work well for a logo of an Ayurvedic centre. The lotus flower is considered an important symbol in Yoga and Ayurveda. It is said to represent eternity, purity and divinity. We adopted the lotus flower as our central motif.
The lotus flower is also commonly associated with various Hindu deities. The simple flat frontal side of the lotus sketch was first inspired by the shape of the Hindu deity Ganesha.
The deity is regarded as the God of beginnings and the remover of obstacles. We tried to integrate this symbolism with the vision of Arogyasiri and how Ayurveda removes obstacles leading to good health.
The sketch evolved further when we employed flat, minimalist aesthetics. The lotus flower’s central petal forms the letter ‘A’ and the curve that follows it has a flower bud, another symbol for growth.
Once we arrived at the logo, we incorporated it into various marketing collaterals and the in-store design of their unit in Mysore.
The franchise manual designed to attract prospective investors.
Some of the social media creatives we made for Arogyasiri.

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